CT scan for Kidney Stones

CT kidney stone.jpg

CT scan for stone examination are the same as CT Scan for Cancer Detection but with one important difference: you will not need contrast to be given intravenously nor in any other way. The reason is that kidney stones are bright white on CT images.  You can therefore avoid the risks of receiving contrast intravenously since contrast can be a challenge for your kidneys at times. 

If you already had a CT with contrast then of course Dr. Nimeh can use that to evaluate you for kidney stones, but if you are about to get a CT scan just for kidney stones then make sure you are not getting contrast because it's something you can avoid. 

Dr. Nimeh might go over the CT scan with you to show you where your kidney stones are. Here is an example of how to read a CT scan. This video might help you get oriented around the structures of the body where the kidneys and ureters are so that you can recognize your way around the images: 

do you have kidney stones?


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