Difficult Urination

Difficult Urination

Dr. Nimeh explains in this video how urination actually works, and why you might be having difficulty with urination.

As you will discover in this video urination is a complex phenomenon! and when it goes wrong, it might not be as trivial to figure out why. 

Difficulty passing urine is a common problem. It can be caused by conditions that affect the kidneys, bladder or prostate gland (in men). Urinary tract infections, prostate problems, and kidney stones are common triggers for this problem to develop. In some people, more than one condition is present.

Anyone who experiences difficulty passing urine for more than 24 to 48 hours should see a doctor. This guide is intended to provide helpful information while you are awaiting evaluation for this problem, or to add to what you may have already learned after you have seen your doctor.

Dr. Nimeh will evaluate your urination using different tests and techniques to help you restore your urinary health as quickly as possible and get back to your life with minimal disruption. 

Are you having difficulty urinating?


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