The Fairbanks Urology Logo: Designed to Reflect Our Organization, Values, and Community


Our Logo was designed to reflect the elements that make up our organization

The animation starts out in a black movie screen, then 2 film strips appear telling the story of the natives and pioneers who came together in Alaska. Then a light from a camera comes up in the middle, with the two film strips forming a circle (community) around Fairbanks.  The stars come rolling in to remind us that although we are far from the lower 48 states, we are still part of the same country. Then appear the glaciers in the distance and as we approach them we see that there is life (bear) which walks across the land under the northern lights. Finally, the kidneys come from the top, and all the way down to the ureter and the bladder.  For an inexplicable reason many people ask us if those are testicles. We actually really don't mind testicles (since they are definitely an honored urological organ), but if that was not the original intention of the graphic - they really are 2 kidneys, ureters and bladder! See below the ancient drawing which was made back in 2017 to prove it!

Logo Explanation.png