Penile Curvature 

Congenital curvature vs Peyronie's Disease

You enjoy driving on a road with a curve, but not having a penis with one? read more.


Some men experience a normal curvature of the penis. Their erect penis may bend in an upward or downward curve or to one side of the body. According to Dr. Nimeh, a bent penis is a rather common condition. After all, penises vary in size and shape. Unless a bent penis causes pain or interferes with sexual intercourse, it is usually not a serious problem.

A bent penis can become serious matter, however. Some men suffer from severe penis disorders like Peyronie’s disease, a medical condition caused by the development of scar tissue inside the penis. Peyronie’s causes abnormal penile curvatures and painful erections. It often causes significant anxiety and stress between men and their sexual partners.

To determine the right method of treatment and correct the problem, it is vital to distinguish between Peyronie’s disease and a simple curvature of the penis (e.g. congenital curvature). Dr. Nimeh can help you figure that out if you are unsure.

A Bent Penis: Normal & Common

When men are sexually aroused, blood flows into the spongy areas in the shaft of the penis, causing it to expand and harden into an erection. When the spongy area inside the penis do not expand evenly, the penis can bend.

About 20 percent of all men are born with a curved penis. For those who are born with the condition, the curvature is typically due to normal differences in penis anatomy. Men who develop a penis curve later in life usually experience damage to the penis or some kind of change in penis anatomy. In the case of Peyronie’s disease, scar tissue grows inside the penis, causing an abnormal curve and painful erections.

Peyronie’s Disease: An Abnormal Penis Disorder

Peyronie’s disease is a medical condition that results from scar tissue and causes painful erections. Peyronie’s causes a significant penis curve and intense pain. It can prevent men from having sexual intercourse, and it often contributes to erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence.

The symptoms may appear suddenly and unexpectedly, or they may develop over time. The five most common signs include: 

  1. scar tissue

  2. penile curvature

  3. penis pain

  4. impotence

  5. short penis.

The scar tissue associated with Peyronie’s disease, also known as plaques and characterized by flat lumps, can be felt under the penis skin.

There are treatments for Peyronie’s disease including penile traction devices, a new FDA-approved treatment called Xiaflex which helps disolve the plaque, and surgery. 

Penile traction device

The penis is made of connective tissue which can be stretched out.  Some men experience a certain level of improvement with traction devices, but keep in mind that they must be used for hours on a daily basis.  if you have the discipline and the will power, you might want to try them!

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