Testicular Ultrasound

A man’s testicles (testes) are in a skin-covered muscular sac called the scrotum. The testicles make sperm cells for reproduction. They also make the male hormone, testosterone. The main reason for scrotal ultrasound is to check swelling or pain. It’s also used to check masses in the scrotum or in the testes.

It is common for fluid to collect around the testis. This is called a hydrocele, and is not cancerous. Other things like cysts in the epididymis ("spermatocele") or large veins in the scrotum ("varicocele") may be found. This study can also be used to look at solid masses as a sign of testicular cancer.

Testicular ultrasound is used to evaluate almost all issues in the scrotum, the sac containing the testicles. It can detect patterns from cancer, or if a mass is intratesticular, extratesticular, solid or cystic. It is used for testicular torsion, and problems with blood flow in the testis. It can be used to prevent testicular death.

For this test, Color-Doppler imaging is used. This high-quality color imaging has made testicular ultrasound an accurate and specific test.

This test needs no preparation. It is done as you lay on your back on the exam table. The scrotum is raised onto a towel and warm gel is applied to help transmit sound waves. The transducer is moved over the area to create images.

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